Thank you for selecting the Community "IMPACT" Resource Program (CIRP) as your Funding and Resource solution. As a good faith effort we need to inform you, the public, that the overwhelming success of this program, has created exponential growth, an increasing number of large group enrollments and high call volumes. We are aware that some of the processes may involve longer than usual customer wait times. We do apologize for the inconvenience. To correct this issue, we have streamled the Funding and Resource Programs to fit your demands and improved processing through Innovation, Automation, and Technology. We have added additional Funding and Resource Programs to our Program inventory that offer "Self-help" opportunities giving you the ability to accelerate your Project Funding process and completely eliminate your customer wait times. Additionally, we have created new positions and we have set a goal to bring in record number of Independent Customer Support Representatives to support the rapid growth (To Apply, Click Here). Please note, if you are aware of other resources whom are willing to use their funding to help get your Community Project completed faster, or you represent an agency that can assist in the funding process, please bring this to our attention and we will review it as an option to consider. Finally, remember that you are the Caretaker of your property and you are responsible for preventing your damages from getting worst while your Project is being processed. Please understand we cannot and will not take responsibility for a condition(s) that may grow or have grown worse while you are waiting for your Project(s) to be processed. However, we will continue to develop funding and resource solutions that can cover any repairs that you may encounter. We appreciate your patience, understanding and cooperation. Thank you again and God Bless you and your families!

C.I.R.P. Management Team, Community Services Division

PS: ....and we all know, "where there's something good on the inside, the line may be long, but it's always worth the wait. Come on in, you are welcome here!"