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Community "IMPACT" Resource Program (CIRP),

is a Funding and Resource Agency looking for Independent Customer Support Agents to assist in our "National WORKFORCE Development Program to Put America Back to WORK, (One job at a time!)". This is an Independent Contractor Position, NOT a just another JOB! This means you're your OWN BOSS! You work on your OWN terms to fit your OWN needs and situation.

With this NEW position, we have eliminated the biggest problem an Independent Customer Support Agent or Business owner (it's the same thing) has ever had, there is "NO UP-FRONT MONEY REQUIRED to get started, NO RECRUITING and definitely NO SELLING involved! We have a mixture of existing and new potential clients waiting for you to help support them with their projects FUNDING and RESOURCE processing. You WORK YOUR HOURS and plan your OWN SCHEDULE. This allows you the FLEXIBILITY and FREEDOM to manage your OWN time. This position gives you the MAXIMUM Opportunity to INCREASE YOUR INCOME whenever you want, from wherever you want, to fit your OWN personal needs while providing an INCREDABLE Public Service to others!

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Independent Customer Support Agent Requirements

We are currently looking for individuals that are interested in working from home with our Customer Support Division.

Minimum experience required:
  • Must have computer skills to operate in an online environment (MS Word, MS Excel, scanning, attaching documents to email)
  • Must have excellent audible reading skills
  • Must be able to maintain a database
  • Moderate level of computer knowledge
  • Ability to work with NO supervision
  • Must be self disciplined and self motivated
  • Must be able to follow a simple proven system
  • Must be coachable
  • Must commit to training
  • Strong listening skills
  • Accuracy
  • Efficiency
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills
  • Previous Call Center experience is a plus
  • **Yes, Community "IMPACT" Resource Program (C.I.R.P.) offers a Business Opportunity to earn INCREDIBLE Income with the FLEXIBILITY and FREEDOM to work from any location!

    ***No, C.I.R.P. does NOT offer a Direct Sales, Multilevel or Network Marketing Opportunity.