Welcome to the Community "IMPACT" Resource Program. In order to attach your Estimate or Documents, you will need to complete the Steps below.

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Document Attachment Instructions:

* File must be Less than 2MB in filesize *
Step # 1: Enter the correct Work Order Number (WO#) for your Community Service Project (Refer to My Projects or Step-2 on your Community Service Dashboard for the WO#)
Step # 2: Enter the Total $ Amount of the Project from your Contractor's Estimate
Step # 3: Use the "Choose File" button to select the Estimate that you want to Attach
Step # 4: Enter a description of the Project and Project address
Step # 5: Click the Submit button to complete the process
Step # 6: A CONFIRMATION will appear at the TOP of the page, if the Document Attachment is "SUCCESSFUL"

A value is required.

A value is required.

File Attachment: (Attach your Estimate or Document one (1) File at a time

Description: Enter Document Description (ie, Roof Estimate) and Property Address below