Community Service Points Calculator

Find out how many Points you need to get your Project completed FREE?


At CIRP, we "GBB" (Give Back Big!) Did you know that for every 100 Community Service Points that you EARN toward getting your Projects done FREE, through our Workforce Development Community Service Program , CIRP will contribute $10,000 (Ten Thousand Dollars) to the Non-Profit Organization or Small Business that referred you to the Program?

Enter the Cost of your roof, windows, floors, doors, etc. below (example: $4,000 or 4000)

Use this Point calculator to determine the amount of Community Service Points required for your project to be "fully funded" through CIRP and completed for FREE! Please note that these figure results are estimates. The total Points required will be based on your Final Project Estimates, Program cost and Fair Market Value of the Project at the time of completion.

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