“Disaster Relief Assistance” (Diamond in the Rough!)

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“Disaster Relief Assistance” (Diamond in the Rough!)

"Diamond in the Rough!" is a Natural Disaster Relief initiative sponsored by CIRP, to encourage "Economic Redevelopment" in the areas where Natural Disasters have occurred. "Diamond in the Rough!" is designed to identify distressed properties damaged as a result of a Natural Disaster to "Supplement" and fill in the "Funding GAP" where where Insurance Companies and Government Agencies leave off. Not only, will you be able to get the help you desperately need, but your property repairs and will also provide WORK for Small Business Contractors where the properties are located. "Diamond in the Rough!" is an important part of our “National WORKFORCE Development Program designed to put America back to WORK, (One JOB at a time!), through Community Service Program efforts!"

We need your help to identify any distressed properties (Diamonds) that were caused by a Natural Disaster. You can help us locate these properties through spreading the word throughout your family, friends and network of people. Include “Disaster Relief Assistance” (Diamond in the Rough!) in your announcements, brochures, newsletters, fliers, word-of-mouth conversation, etc. It’s important to use your Community Service ID No. (CSID), so that you will receive Community Service Program Points, as these properties are identified and repaired. Additionally, CIRP will make a Community Contribution to a Non-Profit Organization at the completion of every project.

What Services will CIRP provide:

CIRP provides you with Professional Knowledge Based Funding and Resource Services that are required to "GAURANTEE" the funding to pay for your Community Service Projects and get them completed FREE at ZERO or NO Additional COST to you!

  • We provide you with your Program Membership which includes a License to use the Software
  • We provide you with UNLIMITED Funding, Resource and Consultations
  • We provide you with a On-line "GLOBAL Office" Account to Manage your Community Services Projects
  • We provide you with UNLIMITED Live Agent Support for Project assessments, analysis and processing
  • We provide you with Community Service Program Training and Support
  • We provide you with access to Funding and Resource Webinars, Seminars and Phone Conferences for Project development, management and processing
  • We provide you with a unique referral link for tracking your Community Service efforts
  • We provide you with updated Program information copy for social media posting, printing, emailing
  • We provide you with Specialized Damage Assessments (SDA) for Property evaluations and more
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